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Xavier D Wilson

Fire Alarm Technican

Xavier D Wilson
Xavier D Wilson
Xavier D Wilson
Xavier D Wilson

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Conroe, TX

October 17, 2023

In response to the customer's request for CCTV installation, Alif Security LLC delivered a comprehensive solution tailored to meet their needs. This solution included the provision of 4MP IP cameras with infrared capabilities, professional installation of these cameras, activation, and meticulous wiring to ensure a secure and aesthetic setup. Additionally, a PC monitor was provided for convenient live monitoring and playback of recorded footage. The core of the solution comprised a 16-channel Network Video Recorder (NVR) with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and a substantial 4TB hard disk drive (HDD) for video storage. To maintain high-speed data transmission, CAT 6 riser cables were employed. These combined measures resulted in a robust surveillance system that effectively addressed the customer's security concerns and provided them with the peace of mind they were seeking for their property.

Houston, TX

September 21, 2023

In response to the customer's need for a fire alarm system, Alif Security LLC delivered a range of tailored solutions to safeguard Alegria Gardens Reception Hall: A 12v 7ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery for the Fire Panel was supplied to ensure continuous power supply, even during electrical outages. A 1 Zone 25 Watt Voice Evacuation Panel with Microphone was installed to provide clear and effective voice communication during emergencies. Strobe Multi Candela Ceiling Mount White strobes were strategically placed to offer visual alerts in case of fire incidents. The installation included a 6'' Addressable Detector Base to connect and monitor addressable fire detectors throughout the facility.A sophisticated 127 Point Addressable Fire, Releasing PA system was implemented to monitor a multitude of critical points and facilitate timely responses in case of fire emergencies. Weather-proof Speaker/Strobe Wall White devices were utilized to ensure alerts could be heard and seen, even in challenging weather conditions. Photoelectric Smoke Detectors were integrated for early detection of smoke and fire hazards. High-quality 18/4 White Solid Plenum Fire Alarm Cable was used for wiring, ensuring reliability and compliance with safety codes. A 32 Character LCD Remote Annunciator was provided to enable easy monitoring and control of the fire alarm system. Ceiling Selectable Strobe Speaker White devices were installed for comprehensive coverage of visual and audible alerts. Heat Detectors - Fixed Temperature were employed to detect rapid temperature increases and trigger alarms. A Fire Alarm Drawing Box, Red was installed to house essential documentation and plans related to the fire alarm system. To safeguard against power surges, a Surge Protective Device with Lockout Kit was incorporated. An Addressable Pull Station Dual Action was installed to allow manual fire alarm activation when necessary. Further wiring was facilitated through the use of 16/2 Red Solid Plenum Fire Alarm Cable. Alif Security LLC also handled the important aspects of Planning and Permitting to ensure that the fire alarm system complied with all relevant regulations and standards. These comprehensive solutions were meticulously tailored to meet the specific fire safety requirements of Alegria Gardens Reception Hall, offering peace of mind to the customer and ensuring the safety of all occupants within the facility.

Katy, TX

July 15, 2023

Alif Security team provided a comprehensive fire alarm system solution for the customer's commercial building. Our solutions included the professional installation and integration of various essential components to ensure the utmost safety and protection for the building's occupants and assets. Here are the solutions we provided: We installed Addressable Heat Detectors to replace H350, 135 Deg in critical areas with high fire risk or where traditional smoke detectors might not be suitable. These detectors can quickly detect elevated temperatures or rapid changes, alerting the fire alarm system. Addressable Smoke Detectors - White were placed strategically throughout the building to offer early detection of smoke and communicate the presence of a fire to the central fire alarm control panel. Dual-Action Addressable Pull Stations were positioned at easily accessible locations to empower building occupants to manually activate the fire alarm in case of an emergency. We integrated the Control Relay Module f/ Ms9200 Replaces to allow the fire alarm system to interface with other building systems, enabling coordinated emergency responses and enhancing overall safety measures. Ceiling Strobes were installed to provide visual alerts during a fire incident. These strobes emit bright flashing lights to notify occupants in noisy environments or those with hearing impairments. Speaker Strobe White Ceiling devices were strategically placed to offer both audible alarms and flashing strobe lights. These devices enable the broadcast of evacuation instructions and emergency messages, guiding occupants to safety. The 160 Char LCD Remote Annunciator in a Red Enclosure was positioned at a central location for easy access. This remote annunciator allows building staff or responders to view fire alarm events and control certain functions remotely. We added Surge Protective Devices with Lockout Kits to safeguard the fire alarm system from voltage surges, ensuring its reliability and protection from electrical disturbances. A 1 Zone 25 Watt Voice Evacuation Panel with Microphone was installed to provide clear and effective broadcast of evacuation instructions during fire emergencies, assisting in the orderly evacuation of occupants. Ceiling Horn Strobes in white were strategically positioned to provide additional audible and visual alarms throughout the building, enhancing the fire alarm system's notification capabilities. To ensure continuous operation, we installed a 12v 7ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery for the Fire Panel as a backup power source for the fire alarm control panel. We used 18/4 White Solid Plenum Fire Alarm Cable, 1000' and 16/2 Red Solid Plenum Fire Alarm Cable, 1000' to meticulously interconnect all fire alarm system components, ensuring reliable communication and data transfer within the system. By providing and integrating these solutions, we equipped the customer's commercial building with a state-of-the-art fire alarm system, prioritizing early detection, efficient evacuation, and coordinated emergency response, thereby enhancing the overall fire safety of the premises.