Higher Security for Higher Education Facilities - The Increased Need for Security

Campus administrators are expected to ensure the safety and security of their students, staff, and facilities. To meet that responsibility, you need security technology that installs easily and with strong forward and backward compatibility to ensure long system life. You want technology that provides the required protection but is also simple for your staff and students to use. DMP offers a broad line of security solutions, both hardware and software, to configure a flexible system that delivers the protection you require with remarkable ease of use.

Campus Security

All-in-one Integrated Security

Your security system requires both hardware and software. Our integrated panel combines all security functions in a single system, creating lower up-front system costs and on-going savings from reduced maintenance and simplified ease of use. Your system can include keyless access for all protected entrances and access points by using access cards that require a reader swipe or fobs and prox patches that users wave near the reader.

Individually programmed, these access tokens permit authorized users to enter only certain areas or to enter areas only at certain times or days which is perfect for staff and visitors. Full reporting is available, enabling you to see when each device was armed or disarmed, when access was granted and denied at each door, and a long list of other events.

Security You Can See

Campus installations typically encompass many buildings equipped with hundreds or thousands of electronic devices deployed throughout your facilities. University installations also often include branch campuses and remote locations. Entré Access & Security ManagementTM software provides total visibility over security networks of every size, with fast and simple point- and-click control of every aspect of the system.

Entré features an intuitive graphical user interface. View a map of your total facility, then zoom into individual buildings, areas, or rooms. Check or change the status of every device with a mouse click.

Features Designed For University Installations

Higher Security for Higher Education Facilities

A keyless system eliminates the need to rekey locks. If a person’s access card or fob is lost or a staff member leaves the organization, the related access rights can be immediately cancelled. The Lockdown feature instantly locks all public doors, restricting access to authorized users only and providing “shelter in place” during emergencies.

You can integrate security video and badging functions, combining all security management activities in a single, high-functioning platform. As a network system, Entré lets you see and manage facilities from anywhere. Command and control can be centralized or distributed.

To stay informed of critical system events, our system can send alerts via email or text (SMS) messages. Designate up to three destinations to receive messages directly from the panel to cell phones, personal computers or handheld devices.

Our System Link Software provides remote management of security systems from any Internet- connected PC, but in a traditional menu and screen interface.

Using System Link you can monitor system status, arm and disarm the system, add and manage users, and more.

School Security Technologies

When considering a security system, consider the following recommendations:

  • Prioritize your needs before jumping to technological solutions and analyze carefully before committing funding.
  • Integrate electronic access controls into almost any type of door. Investing in a partial measure can be wasted money, since secure front doors are oflittle value when back entries remain uncontrolled.
  • Ensure that all hardware and software are compatible.
  • Rely on a professional systems integrator with a proven track record.
  • Emphasize technology quality and performance over low bids.
  • Integrate technological solutions into broader prevention and intervention measures.