Best Banking Security Systems in Houston, The Woodlands, Sugar Land and Surrounding Areas

The Lasting Investment of Bank Security

To ensure the highest levels of branch integrity, institutions require reliable audit trails. Our security system addresses that requirement to easily track events and user activity at branches. Branch or IT managers can easily access that information, including reports that allow them to quickly drill down to the desired data. Alif is the Authorized Dealer of DMP, the most trusted name in security for financial institutions — with tens of thousands of installations throughout North and South America. We offer fully integrated systems for intrusion, fire, and access control.

DMP has been delivering cost-effective solutions since 1975, scaled to your organization's needs. You can count on Alif to provide solutions tailored to your needs and to your branch service providers.

Full-time Network and Cellular Monitoring

The optional onboard encrypted network technology from Alif provides the most sophisticated solution for integrated intrusion and access control in the industry. By using an onboard network, cellular, or dialer connectivity with an existing full-time data

network connection (LAN or WAN), you can save tens of thousands in phone lines and long-distance charges between your panel and central station. For fire systems, the Alif digital cellular communicator is UL Listed as either a primary or slave communicator with no backup, creating additional savings on communications costs.

Wireless Systems Better Security

Wireless, hybrid, and wired systems are all available, and each has its own advantages. A key benefit of wireless devices is that they can be placed for optimum effectiveness with no need to drill holes or run wires. Our fully supervised, UL Listed devices provide reliable protection and are authorized for wireless commercial burglary and fire applications.

Alif panels and receivers have earned the UL High Line Security listing for AES encryption and ULC Line Security Level V. Both our traditional SCS-1R Receiver and software-only SCS-VR Virtual Receiver is certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for monitoring over TCP/IP networks, making Alif ideal for secure environments where encrypted data is required.

Access Control Features Bank Audit Compliance Features

Easy to Upload

Banking Security

Meeting all the requirements of a true network device, an Alif system enables you to upload new programs and new features to Flash ROM as soon as they are released. Your system can be updated remotely through your existing WAN by your service provider — a valuable design feature that eliminates costly service trips to each location for system updates.

Ensure Foolproof Arming

Should a programmed area be left unprotected due to user error (e.g. forgetting to arm before leaving the premises), the area can be customized to automatically arm after a programmed time. Re-arm time can also be customized for each user profile, which is ideal for ATM kiosk areas, ATMs, and cash safes that are to be accessed only briefly.

Flexible and Scalable Access Control

The Entré NOC Security Management System gives you fast, simple, point-and-click control over every aspect of both your access control and security system. All management activities are combined in a single, high-functioning platform. As a network application, you can see and manage your facilities wherever they are from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

About Entré: With unlimited access and security management functions combined in a single system, you have only one system to learn, monitor, and maintain.

  • Manage user codes and data system-wide with 10,000 user codes with 99 profiles per panel
  • Remotely configure and upgrade all panels simultaneously
  • Visually verify alarms and events with integrated digital video capabilities
  • Quickly create reports for a single event or system-wide status

Access Control Features

The Alif and Wiegand Interface Modules make it easy to integrate access control capabilities in the XR Series™ panels. The module supports proximity, swipe, and insert-style readers, and provides four programmable protection zones, making it possible to customize access rights only to specific areas.

Banking Security System

Bank Audit Compliance Features

  • Manage branch service providers — couriers, cleaners, ATM techs — by controlling when and where they can enter
  • Customized reporting lets you quickly review any individual’s activities or all events at a specific access point
  • Create detailed user access rights, with permissions to enter only certain areas at certain times
  • Instantly terminate all access privileges for discharged employees or service providers
  • Wearable panic button fob, programmable to function in multiple branches, with alerts for lost fobs, late to test, and low battery power

A Secure Investment With Alif

  • Keyless entry simplifies training and system operation
  • Tried and tested network monitoring that eliminates the cost of additional phone lines and long-distance charges
  • Recurring cost-saving solutions via remote updates
  • Forward and backward compatibility of modules, keypads, and accessories • Imbedded features unique to banks
  • At-a-glance control of all branches, ATMs, and corporate offices
  • Multiple reporting features that provide valuable data for audit trails and security evaluation, event reporting, accountability, and evidence
  • Easy replacement of existing installed systems
  • All products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Springfield, Missouri, with U.S. and global components
  • Open-architecture design that integrates easily with third-party applications for ease of systems integration
  • User code inactivity audit provides notification of user codes or credentials not used over a programmable period of time
  • The zone inactivity audit sends an alert if an intrusion or panic zone has not been tested or has not changed in status over a programmable period of time
  • Energy Management with Z-Wave®: The armed and disarmed status of the DMP system can automatically adjust thermostat settings reducing energy costs at every bank branch