Highly Protected Security Access for Your Business in Houston

Secure your business organization and have control over the security of your company with Alif Security. Our sophisticated access control ensures maximum security and privacy for your organizations in the larger Houston metropolitan area.

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Lessen Your Company’s Threats Easily with Alif Security

Alif Security provides arsenals, ideas, and gadgets that help your organization to be safer. With Alif’s Access Control service, you can be free of any unprecedented risks or threats to your business and its data.

SecuCustomized rity System

Our Featured Access Control Support for Companies in Houston, TX

1. Customized Security System

Alif Security helps you to personalize your security system as per your needs. You can customize or set alarms or other security systems as you like. You can even choose the type of response needed for the security system to activate.

Automation System

2. Automation System

Automate the security of your organization or your cabin on your android. After the setting of the automated security system, you can set a specific date and time to run on system checking. Plus, it can also send alert notifications to your email.

Graphical System Status

3. Graphical System Status

Helps you to see the level and status of the security system in a graphical representation. You can view the alarm status starting from the hallway to a single cabin

Site Images of Protected Facilities

4. Site Images of Protected Facilities

Alif Security also provides graphical site images set in your computer to check the protected facilities in various file formats. With the site maps software, you can organize the facilities according to zones and classifications.

Verification Management

5. Verification Management

Customize who can access different facilities or departments in the organization through Alif’s verification management system. From ID card to fingerprint setting, Alif’s access control will personalize the person in charge of access accordingly.

Single System Control and Search

6. Multiple Navigation System

Alif’s Multiple Navigation System will help to locate and access certain protected facilities under its radar. It also helps with alerting any threats or risks in the organization.

7. Single System Control and Search

Not only this system helps with locating or searching anything important through the security database, but it also enables the user to access important or confidential things himself.

Security Badge System

8. Security Badge System

Gives RFID access to badges or cards and lets all the entrusted employees in the business access their designated software or facilities. Plus, multiple languages in the security software can be modified as well.

Advantages of Alif’s Access Control

Alif’s Access Control Business can be advantageous to its users from controlling the security systems of the user’s facility to limiting the risks.

  • Your data is highly secured with our US-made devices
  • Secure organizations with better access control
  • Detecting and removing any IT hacking
  • Remove any unwanted access
  • Protect the client’s information
  • Restriction system to any confidential or important facility
  • Protection from unwanted threats from outside
  • Security access code to only verified members

Alif’s Security Access Control Products

Alif security provides access control products that help your organization be secured with easier communication access.

  • Biometric Scanner: Our Biometric Reading Scanner helps to verify registered fingerprints or RFID cards.
  • CCTV: Alif’s CCTV footage helps with the monitoring of every single movement and can function 24/7.
  • Door Controllers: Functions according to the inserting of the verified card.
  • Access Card Reader: Helps to give access to the registered employees with the verified card.

Why Choose Alif Security?

Alif Security is your trustworthy and dependable security service provider at the home, office and any facility. At Alif, We have the expertise and the experience to help you manage access to your business successfully.

Alif Security uses only the devices manufactured and developed in the USA to ensure maximum surety of data at hand.
A customer care agent will try to answer your call within a minute, regardless of the time of day.
Our sales personnel have a profound understanding of business security and what could be at stake.
We have been successfully helping our clients by providing security monitoring.