Access Control

Manage Access to Your Business in Houston Metropolitan Area

Be the person in control of your business and manage access to your business with Alif Security. Visit us today or call us@ 281-204-2616 to get a know-how of the various ways you can secure your business.

Minimizing Threats are Easier with Alif

Alif security allows you to choose the way you like to manage access to your business. Now it is even easier for you to minimize or avoid a security threat if you have different tricks in your arsenal.

Permission-Based Access

Specific areas within your business can be made accessible to the employees who need to enter those areas.

Secure Key Cards

Hard-to-duplicate key cards for employees can be a secure way to manage access your facility.

Card Deactivation

Seize access quickly by deactivating key cards when an employee leaves your company.

Remote Control

You can always control access to your business remotely from your laptop or smartphone.

Scheduled Access

Allow access to your facility during certain time periods to keep those unexpected ‘guests’ outside!

Movement Monitoring

Have the knowledge of where and when cardholders enter your business through monitoring.

Automatic Locking

Setting doors to lock automatically can provide you some extra security- because you can never be too safe.

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Access Control - Your Need, Our Solution

Access needs differs with types and sizes of businesses. Alif can offer you Access Control solutions that can help keep your employees and inventory safer by limiting access to your business facility. Fulfill your business’ security needs by simply limiting who can enter your business, how and when they can enter it!

  • Minimize access to secure offices
  • Restrict access to IT server rooms
  • Protect client files from unapproved access
  • Constrain access to controlled substances
  • Allow restricted access to refrigerators or freezers
  • Give regular customers or members special code to access to your business
  • Minimize access to only staff and parents to help protect kids

Access Control Products

Establish your authority in your business by adding tighter restriction to sensitive areas and controlling access to your facility. And installation of a few access control products sure comes in handy.

Smart Lock

Your mobile devices help you to lock and unlock your doors from virtually anywhere.

Keycard Readers

Assign specific programmable cards to individuals to track activities in your business facility.


You can speak directly in a two-way communication mode with the people at your door to allow or deny access.

Why Choose Our Service

Alif can prove to be trustworthy and dependable in terms off the service it provides to the customers. At Alif, We have the expertise and the experience to help you manage access to your business successfully.

Customer Support

A customer care agent will try to answer your call within a minute, regardless of the time of day.

Skillful Sales Staff and Technicians

Our sales personnel have a profound understanding of business security and what could be at stake.

Over Two Decades of Experience

We have been successfully helping our clients by providing security monitoring.

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