Small Business Security in Houston & Surrounding Area

Your small business can be secured with our experties and experience. Be in control of your own business & minimize losses with convenient, easy-to-use and effective small security system. Call us : 281-204-2616 for FREE in-home inspection and estimate.

Your Silent Sentry

The Silent Sentry for Your Business

Smart business owners create a vastly increased level of security by having their system monitored. When there’s an alarm, the system automatically alerts our monitoring center so we can instantly dispatch appropriate emergency responders.

Having your alarm system monitored 24/7 by our operators offers peace of mind. Your system will alert our monitoring center of any system-triggered alarms just like a sentry- whether medical, duress, panic, fire, or burglary. In the event of an emergency, responders will be notified.

Communication Options

Business Communication Options in Houston Area

  • DIAL-UP is probably the least secure communication link because phone lines may be downed by weather or cut by intruders.
  • NETWORK (Internet) connections provide much higher communication speeds than dial-up and also enable a range of new features. With a network connection, you can remotely access your system and receive alerts/alarms via email.
  • CELLULAR is emerging as the most reliable and capable connection. Your cellular connection can’t be accidentally or intentionally cut, and cellular opens the door to an incredible assortment of mobile security features.

Control Business Security With Your Mobile

With a cellular link included in your security system, the door opens to exciting mobile control options: The Virtual Keypad App works on your smartphone or mobile device, allowing you to access the most-commonly used security system functions with a tap.

Business Security With Your Mobile

Control Your Business

A cellular link also makes it possible to control other devices at your business using an optional Z-Wave® interface and inexpensive control devices. With them, you can use your smartphone or mobile device to:

  • Remotely turn lights, signs, electronic equipment, and other plug-in devices on or off.
  • Adjust thermostats to conserve energy and save money.
  • Lock or unlock doors, so you can let employees or service people in.
  • Open or close your overhead/loading doors and check the status of doors.
  • Automatically lock doors when you arm your system or use Lockdown feature.
  • Automatically turn on lights when system has been activated.

Call us : 281-204-2616 and make the smart decision of today to secure your small business.

Virtual Keypad App

Keep an Eye on Your Business

With the Virtual Keypad App, you can view images from up to six wireless video cameras. Check in on employees, see who’s at the back door, or visually confirm what’s happening when there’s an alarm. Remotely view and record images from any camera using your phone or mobile device.

Your Link to Stronger Security

The right protection for your business requires the right communication links. When selecting a security system, be certain it has the communication options you need today and the flexibility to update those options in the future as your business changes and grows.

Remote Video Access

Use the Virtual Keypad app to remotely access interior and exterior wireless IP video cameras or video history including recorded video from your Network Video Recorder hard drive. View the images live, record video clips.

Features to Protect and Manage Your Business
  • Combine burglary and fire protection with access control in a single system.
  • Choose cellular and network communication options for added benefits.
  • Know what’s happening at your business with alerts when staff arrive and leave and reports of traffic counts and early to open/late close.
  • Easy operation ensures your system will be used by employees with fewer false alarms.