Monitoring for Government Security, Securing America with the Encrypted Scalable IDS Solutions

Our scalable solutions for intrusion detection systems (IDS) and deterrence provide encrypted, versatile, high-level physical security with secure communications to keep personnel informed in times of emergency and help ensure a rapid, informed response. We work with Government security directors to devise reliable, powerful solutions based on field knowledge, shared information, and the need for redundant processes.

Secure Network Monitoring of Alarm Signals

Our control panel used for high-security and UL2050 SCIF applications incorporate the U.S. government-approved Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Rijndael Encryption and has received the industry’s first UL Listing for Highline Security with NIST-approved 128-bit or 256-bit encryption.

Secure Systems, Easy Operation

To make system operation simple and effective, we’ve produced innovations like the Prox Patch which attaches to a cell phone or wallet or other portable device and turns it into an access control wand, allowing access to authorized users identified by the patch. Prox Patch software includes options for credential verification and anti-passback control.

Government Security

Flexibility in Schedules Secure Systems, Easy Operation

Our panels have enhanced scheduling for areas, doors, outputs, and holiday schedules to offer flexibility for your customers. Ninety-nine programmable schedules are available and can be assigned to an area, door, or output. The same schedule may be assigned to more than one area, door, or output, making them reusable.

  • Up to 8 schedules per profile
  • Up to 8 schedules per door
  • Up to 8 schedules per area
  • Up to 8 schedules per output
  • Up to 40-holiday dates

System Flexibility Ensures Lasting Value of Your Security Investment

For over three decades, DMP has designed panels and user interfaces so systems can be scaled to fit your security needs, cost-effectively. We stand behind our technologies with ongoing service and flash programming upgrades to ensure that systems have the latest software to maintain the highest standards and preserve the lasting value of your security system. Panel hardware is similarly designed for application flexibility.

For example, as demand for integrated systems has grown, we’ve added functions to our security alarm panels so access control, fire, and intrusion are operable via a single interface. Add the integrated features you need simply by activating the access control programming and adding devices — saving you the cost of swapping out entire panels or purchasing additional single-function panels to gain improved integrated functionality.

Thanks to DMP’s backward and forward compatibility, you can add new keypads and sensors to legacy panels or keep older peripherals while you add new panel features and more capacity. Our commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems’ open architecture is designed for third-party integration, giving you the flexibility to expand your current system or allow for future growth. Add CCTV and video applications, detection devices, and environmental and process control systems, as needed, to avoid lapses in security.

In applications where high-level security is not required, additional system flexibility and scalability can be derived from our complete line of intrusion, fire, and access control devices. Ease of two-way wireless programming and installation enables rapid deployment and configuration when time is a critical factor.

Monitoring for Government Security

True Card + Code Entrywith Integration Features

We meet DCID 6/9 for ID card access that requires a card read plus a manual code entry to uniquely identify each system user. DMP systems can be programmed for access and security functions in one step by initiating authorization, door activation, and security disarming with a single credential and code number.

Scheduling offers options for control based on personnel requirements, time of day, day of week, and more. Our high-security keypad’s randomizing keypad display changes sequence every time the keypad requests a code entry, and a privacy filter turns the screen black from side viewing angles. These two features make it virtually impossible to steal user codes by shoulder surfing or surveillance.

Reporting Features Pay Off in Added Safety, Security, and Accountability

Thanks to System LinkTM software, your integrated system can automatically report facility opening/ closing times, staff arrival times, sensor activation times, and patrol check-in times. Systems alert duty personnel with visual and auditory signals designed for redundancy, descriptive accuracy, and critical feedback about security status. Alif and DMP, together support the security needs of U.S. government agencies across America and around the world.

The Alif Advantage

Look to Alif integrated systems for intrusion, fire, access, and network monitoring with these critical benefits:

  • The cost savings of an integrated system
  • Commercial off-the-shelf software for third-party integration
  • User menus designed for ease of use
  • Tried and tested network monitoring for faster reliable reporting and multiple-site control from remote or onsite locations
  • Access control scheduling that supports the operational efficiency
  • Card plus Pin arming/disarming
  • Hardware designed, engineered, and manufactured in Springfield, Missouri, with U.S. and global components