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Real-time Video Verification in Houston & Surrounding Area

Why Should You Consider Professionally Monitored Video-Verified Systems?

According to a study in 2013 by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), it was estimated that 95 – 99% of all alarms in the United States were false. Major cities such as Salt Lake City, San Jose, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Milwaukee have refrained from responding to standard alarms. It is estimated that response rates are 15 minutes faster by police departments throughout the US is significantly faster to video verified alarms and arrest rates are up by 50%. There is a need for professionally monitored systems with video verification.

One of the biggest challenges of video surveillance is the fact that many security systems currently in place in homes and businesses can’t proactively prevent criminal activities or address a crime in progress. More often than not, authorities get to the crime scene only after the incident has long passed. Video surveillance works best if you can take immediate action against a threat, and that’s where video-verified alarm systems from Alif Security comes in.

How Does It Work?

Video Verification to the Central Station

Alif offers a patent-pending technology that's compatible with any automation software. Video is triggered by alarm sensors that activate cameras to record and make live and pre-alarm video clips. These clips are available to the central station operator immediately from the intrusion alarm screen display.

When the alarm window expires, the camera views turn off. Operators can download both pre-&-post-alarm clips during the alarm window. This set of features provides a seamless coordination among the intrusion alarm system, the central station operator, and the subscriber.

Video Verification

How Do You Use It?

Video Verification to the Central Station

In an alarm situation, you receive a real-time alarm notification on your mobile devices. Clicking on the Alarm Push Notification opens the app to view a list of available live camera views. Immediately, you can either cancel or verify the alarm from the app screen based on your knowledge of the situation and camera footage, or what you're witnessing at the premises. Recorded clips from on-site cameras are available 10 minutes prior to the alarm.

The app not only puts remote system control in the hands of the person who's best equipped to make decisions, but it also removes subjective decision making by central station operators. Video Verification gives the user the power to quickly confirm a valid reason to dispatch emergency responders or cancel false alarms, which can be costly.

Importance of Installing Video Verification System

  • Faster police response due to professional verified alarms. Priority response is given to alarms with video footage.
  • Reduce fines incurred for false alarms related which prompted police dispatch.
  • Limits business interruption if the perpetrator is caught on the premises.
  • Businesses should incorporate cameras to aid in your safety plan for crimes against your personnel and customers as well as property; fast police response will potentially protect your most valuable asset – employees.
  • Assists in officer safety before arriving on the scene.
  • Video verification assists in lowering insurance costs in some areas.
  • Facilitates more arrests and repeat offenders and increase the chances of recovering stolen property.

Video Verification from Alif Security is the Future of Alarm System Management Available Today.

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