Monitoring for School Security - Protecting Students and Stuffs

School administrators have never faced a greater need to ensure the security of their students, staff, and facilities. Beyond simply securing doors and controlling access, administrators today must be prepared for the very real possibility of an active shooter roaming their halls. Alif provides a broad line of security hardware and software that can be configured to create a customized solution, with features tailored specifically to protecting school facilities.

All-in-One Integrated Security

School Security

Our Access, Burglary, and Fire is an integrated panel that combines all of your security functions in a single system. Integrated systems are less costly to install, and provide ongoing savings from reduced maintenance and simplified ease of use.

Your system can include keyless access for all protected entrances and access points. Staff, students, and visitors can be issued access cards that require a reader swipe, or proxkey that they simply wave across the reader. Program each access card, proxkey, or token to permit the bearer to only enter certain areas, or to enter areas at only certain times or days.

You assign access rights to each person, enabling you to control who is allowed to go where and at what times. You can also assign the desired system management rights to members of your administrative or security staff. Full reporting is available, enabling you to see when each device was armed or disarmed when access was granted and denied at each door, and a long list of other events.

Security You Can See

School installations typically encompass many buildings equipped with hundreds of electronic devices deployed throughout your facilities. Entré Access & Security ManagementTM software provides total visibility over security networks of every size, with fast and simple point-and-click control of every aspect of the system. Entré features an intuitive graphical user interface. View a map of your total facility, then zoom into individual buildings, areas, or rooms. Check or change the status of every device with a mouse click.

Monitoring for School Security

Features Signed For School Installations

Authorized staff and administrators can instantly initiate a lockdown from the Virtual Keypad AppTM on their smartphone, from a system keypad, or any PC connected to the Entré software. The LOCKDOWN FEATURE instantly locks all public doors, restricting access to authorized users only and providing “shelter in place” during emergency or crisis situations.

While in lockdown, the system remains armed so you and emergency responders can better track an intruder’s movements. Sounders and sirens are silenced, reducing confusion and panic. During lockdown and day-to-day operations, you and your staff can be continually updated on critical system events via notifications from our panel sent directly to your mobile device. Strong forward and backward compatibility ensures the ability to easily expand and upgrade your system with future enhancements.

Provide an Intruder Alert

ONE-BUTTON PANIC KEYFOB is a portable personal device worn and always available for discreet use. WIRELESS REMOTE INDICATOR LIGHT provides a visual panic alarm notification. HOLD UP/PANIC TRANSMITTER for under-the-counter installation. Programmable LED feedback lets you know when the panic alarm has been activated.

Specially Designed For School Installations

  • Keyless system, eliminates the need to rekey locks.
  • Immediately cancel access cards in the event of card loss or change in staff’s status.
  • Flexibility in scheduling: Enhanced scheduling for areas, doors outputs, and holiday schedules. 99 programmable schedules are available and can be assigned to an area, door, or output. The same schedule may be assigned an unlimited number of times.
  • Lockdown feature instantly locks all public doors, restricting access to authorized users only and providing “shelter in place” during emergency or crisis situations.
  • Remote shutdown feature speeds and simplifies sensor setup and system testing by allowing you to initiate testing from the panel.
  • Forward and backward compatibility ensures the ability to easily upgrade your system with future enhancements.
  • Products are designed, engineered, and assembled in Springfield, MO, USA.