Security Account Management Software In The Houston And Surrounding Area

ASuites Account Management Software scales to over 5,000 systems to meet your needs of managing a single building to a campus or a global enterprise of centers with thousands of users. With ASuites, you can combine management and control of all related access and security systems under a single software application. ASuites is database and hardware independent, so you can bring various systems and multiple intrusion panels together, giving a consolidated view of the enterprise. As a single, unified system, there’s one badge, face, or one user, worldwide.

Convenient User Loading And Management

ASuites Account Management Software

System users information easily imports from other databases into ASuites. To facilitate user management, you can assign each user to one or more profiles on multiple systems. Define specific rights and access permissions to each profile, and you’ve greatly simplified processing of new users. Establish the effective dates and times for user rights, limiting access to only certain times of the day, only certain days, or for a defined period of time. With ASuites, customization is virtually unlimited!

Multiple Viewing Options

With ASuites, you have simplicity and ease of use with every aspect of your access control and security system through a simple icon-based approach. In Map View, for instance, you can start with a view of your entire facility, then click on any area to drill down to the desired level of detail. Click on any device to view or manage its status. In any view, click on an event or device to access additional information and process any alerts or alarms.

Highly Customizable

Take advantage of the extensive customization capabilities to create a system that exactly matches your needs. Define what events are considered “alarms” and what response is required from the system operator.