Advanced Commercial Fire Alarm Systems & Wireless Devices in Houston, TX

Fire safety is a top concern for every business owner. Outdated fire alarm systems can lead to vulnerabilities, putting lives and property at risk. Alif addresses these challenges with cutting-edge fire communication solutions that provide unparalleled reliability and flexibility. As the need for advanced safety measures grows, cellular alarm communication has emerged as the preferred choice for both new installations and system upgrades.

Commercial Fire Communication Solutions

Fire Communication Solutions

The reliability and flexibility of cellular alarm communication are increasingly making it the first communication channel choice for new installations. In existing systems, most of our customers are replacing their landlines with cellular service for fire alarm control panels (FACP). Our Control Panels are UL 864 for commercial fire installations. These panels are available individually with the keypad built in the cabinet or without a keypad. You can communicate via Network or two-phone line dialer depends on your AHJ approval, and you can add cellular communications for fire communication to the central station. Digital Cellular Communicator module can have direct wireless communications path to our central station for Fire monitoring.

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Commercial Wireless Fire Devices

Commercial Wireless Fire Devices

The list of Alif wireless devices that have earned the UL Commercial Fire Listing include:

  • Universal Transmitter: A two-input transmitter with wall and case tamper, typically used in commercial burglary door or window applications.
  • Wireless Repeater: Extends the communication range of DMP receivers, enabling physically larger, more reliable wireless security systems.
  • High Power Wireless Receiver: Provides additional transmit and receive amplification for improved performance at greater distance or in harsh building environments.
  • Commercial Smoke Detectors:Alif smoke detector includes synchronized sounders so when more than one SD is installed on a system, the alarm cadence will synchronize. Any fire zone tripped on the panel will cause the sounders to initiate. The SD also includes a tamper switch that sends a trouble signal when the detector is removed from the mounting base. Up to 572 units can be installed on one system.
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