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Alif Security ensures to prevent or cause the most minimal damage from a fire or other life-threatening damage. Alif’s fire and risk management plans and systems help the user to feel safe from any “fiery” risk. Call Us For More Information

fire alarm solutions provided by alif security includes

Fire Alarm Solutions Provided by Alif Security Includes

  • Electroacoustic system for detecting any malfunction
  • Voice Evacuation
  • Heat Sensors
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection system
  • Convenient Fire Alarm Solution
  • Automated Fire Alarm Solution
benefits of fire and life safety system

Benefits of Fire and Life Safety System

  • Monitor fire security management properly and be able to prevent minimal asset damage.
  • Advanced Fire Alarm System helps to locate the area of ignition and the cause for any organization.
  • Provides a blast mitigation system to prevent injuries from any glass or debris.
Alif Security Fire Safety Control Panels and Systems

Alif Security Fire Safety Control Panels and Systems

Alif Security provides control panels and other secured Software created for the prevention of any fire damage or for controlling any type of smoke or harmful gas leakage. Some of the control panels include.

Fire Alarm Pull Stations

1. Fire Alarm Pull Stations 850S & 850D

Our provided Fire Alarm Pull Station is a die-cast metal manual with the superior build quality. Available in both single and dual-action configurations it offers maximum support to your fire alarm system. Here to avoid corrosion risks the contacts used are gold-plated.

Alif’s XR550FC Control Panel

2. Alif’s XR550FC Control Panel

Alif provides the XR550FC Control Panel which is by far the most powerful addressable panel for fire security. It contains two-wire smoke detectors from up to 142 fire initiating zone. It also has a customized check-in and retrial time. It has a bell output of about 0.7AMPS.

Alif’s XR150C Control Panel

3. Alif’s XR150C Control Panel

Another powerful and upgraded addressable fire alarm control panel with an onboard dialer and network communication system. It has a supervised bell output of up to 0.7 AMPS. Between this control panel and the central station, it has 8 communication path systems. It gives out about 100 output schedules to relay controls and panel outputs. Moreover, this control panel also has an onboard auto sensing ethernet.

Alif’s XR550 Control Panel

4. Alif’s XR550 Control Panel

This control panel is economics and can be used for commercial to industrial use. It includes an onboard dialer and communication system. Its cellular backup is affordable and highly advanced. This control panel is Flash Updated. This means that the panel can be properly updated locally or remotely through network or cellular means i.e. through WIFI connection.

Moreover, this control panel has 16 supervised keypads many of which are wireless with 96 supervised door access points and 32 reporting area zones. This control panel also includes a Panic Button alongside Dual Authority card access.

Made in USA Products Ensure Highest Privacy and Protection

Keeping the protection and privacy at the top of the consideration Alif Security uses USA-made company products. It ensures your top most security with an enhanced focus on privacy.

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