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With our exclusive A Rooms feature, you can control Z-wave® lights, locks, and thermostats of your home rooms photo you took with your smartphones. You can easily customize the app to your specific needs. All the control you expect simply and elegantly from a photo of your room.

You can create totally customized, touch-screen controls for their Z-Wave® devices in only a few minutes. Using your smartphone or tablet, you just take a photo of your room or area that you want to control. You could take a photo of your living room, for example, which includes a Z-Wave thermostat and several lights that are already programmed into your phone app.

Then you import that photo into our app and create a Room by adding on-screen buttons or “hotspots” for each device. Now you just call up that Room, and you can touch any of the hot spots to take control of each device with a tap. You don’t have to search for the controls; they’re all right there on the picture. It couldn’t be faster or easier.

Experience the future of home automation today! Take control of your home with Alif Home Automation's exclusive A Rooms feature. Customize your Z-Wave® devices effortlessly by simply taking a photo of your room. Create personalized, touch-screen controls in minutes and enjoy seamless control at your fingertips. Elevate your home automation experience with Alif. Try it now!

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