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Alif Security is a full service security company that provides innovative and state of the art security solutions for all type of Home, Small Business and Commercial facility. Systems in your Houston and nearly areas.

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We want to make sure your building in Houston, Texas is always kept safe from fire danger. We provide fire protection services throughout the area, including:

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  • Houston, TX | October 18, 2023

Their response time is very slow so make sure you contact them weeks ahead of when you need them.

  • Houston, TX | March 05, 2018

My security system was installed within few hours. It was fast installation. The installer showed how to use the system thoroughly and I am very happy with the system.

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March 01, 2024 | Houston, TX

The customer contacted Alif Security LLC because they required a comprehensive burglar alarm system for their gas station, "Now and Forever Kirkwood," located in Houston, Texas. Their primary concern was to ensure the security of their premises against unauthorized access or burglary attempts. In response to their needs, we provided a detailed solution encompassing the installation and activation of a state-of-the-art burglar alarm system tailored to the specific requirements of their gas station. The proposed solution included the following components and services: Universal Wireless Transmitter: A crucial component for integrating various security devices without the need for extensive wiring. This device facilitates the seamless communication between the system's components, enhancing the overall security infrastructure. DMP XTLtouch, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, LTE-V: A versatile and robust control panel that offers multiple connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and LTE-V for reliable communication and control. Its touch interface provides ease of use, while its extensive compatibility ensures a comprehensive security solution. DMP Wireless Siren, for XTL, XT & XR Series Panels: To deter intruders and alert the premises in the event of a security breach, a wireless siren compatible with the DMP series panels was included. This device is crucial for immediate notification and response during an emergency. DMP Wireless Motion Detector: For detecting any unauthorized movement within the premises, wireless motion detectors were part of the solution. These devices are essential for early detection of potential security breaches, offering an additional layer of protection. 2-Button Wireless Hold-Up Device: As an added security measure, especially in high-risk scenarios, a wireless hold-up device was included. This device allows for discreet signaling in case of an emergency, ensuring prompt response without escalating the situation. The initial investment covered the purchase, installation, and activation of these components. The solution was designed to offer a comprehensive security system that is both efficient and scalable, ensuring the gas station's protection against potential security threats. Our approach was to provide a solution that not only meets the current security needs of "Now and Forever Kirkwood" but also allows for future upgrades and expansions as necessary.

January 03, 2024 | Houston, TX

Upon understanding the customer's requirements, we provided a suite of advanced security solutions tailored to their commercial space. We installed Commercial Surface Mount Door/Window Contacts for intrusion detection. Our team professionally handled all aspects of Installation, Activation, and Wiring, ensuring a neat and efficient setup. We used CAT 6 Riser Cable for reliable data transmission. Bosch Motion Sensors were strategically placed for enhanced access control. We equipped the space with a DMP Access Control Module, giving the client a choice between OSDP or WIEGAND protocols. The heart of the system was the DMP 142 Zones Access Control & Security Panel, offering extensive coverage and control. User interaction was made intuitive with a Wireless Graphic Touchscreen featuring a proximity reader. For audible alerts, we installed a DMP Wireless Siren, compatible with various panel series. Connectivity was ensured through an AT&T LTE Cellular Communicator. For physical access, we provided ProxKey II Access Devices. Additional security measures included both Indoor/Outdoor Fixed Dome and Bullet Cameras with high-resolution capabilities, an 8-channel NVR for video recording, and a W Box 22'' Full HD monitor for surveillance feed monitoring. Each element was selected and installed to provide an integrated, comprehensive security system for the client's commercial space.

December 26, 2023 | Houston, TX

In response to the customer's needs, we provided a suite of advanced security components and services. Firstly, we carried out a thorough installation process, ensuring that all elements of the burglar alarm system were correctly and strategically placed for optimal coverage and effectiveness. This included setting up a Universal Wireless Transmitter for seamless communication between devices. We then installed the DMP XTLtouch, an advanced control panel with Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and LTE-V capabilities, offering robust connectivity and ease of use. Additionally, we integrated a DMP Wireless Siren compatible with XTL, XT, and XR series panels, to serve as an audible alarm in case of security breaches. For motion detection, we placed DMP Wireless Motion Detectors strategically throughout the premises. Finally, we included a 2-Button Wireless Hold-Up Device as an added security measure, allowing for instant alerts in emergency situations. Post-installation, we activated the entire system and conducted comprehensive testing to ensure everything functioned seamlessly, providing the customer with a robust and reliable burglar alarm system for their commercial building.

November 07, 2023 | Houston, TX

Alif Security LLC delivered a range of solutions to enhance the security and safety of East West International. These solutions encompassed the installation of a Burglar Alarm/Access Control/CC Camera system, which included components like panic buttons, wireless transmitters, and AI-based video verification recorders. This comprehensive system ensured not only the physical security of the building but also effective surveillance capabilities. Furthermore, Alif Security LLC conducted a fire alarm annual inspection, focusing on the maintenance and verification of the existing fire alarm system's functionality. They integrated components such as NAPCO StarLink Fire, 2 Wire Smoke detectors, and audio detectors, ensuring the utmost safety in the event of a fire. By offering these services, Alif Security LLC provided the customer with a holistic security and safety solution tailored to the unique needs of East West International.

September 30, 2023 | Houston, TX

Alif Security LLC offered a range of solutions to address the customer's need for a Fire Alarm System at Saigon Street Food Restaurant. These solutions included initial planning and permitting to ensure compliance with local regulations. The installation process involved the use of various components, such as addressable smoke detectors, indoor wall-mount strobes, ceiling horn strobes, and A/C duct detector tie-ins, all of which are critical for early fire detection, alerting occupants, and guiding them to safety. To support the system's functionality, a 6amp 4 Nac Power Supply was provided for reliable power distribution. Additionally, a Fire-Lite Relay Module was likely integrated for efficient system control. Alif Security LLC also considered the restaurant's safety holistically by offering a Hood Ansul System tie-in, covering all relevant areas. To further enhance safety, they supplied a 5LBS HI-SA-40-ABC fire extinguisher and the necessary fire cables, including the 18/2 Solid Plenum Fire Cable and the 16/2 Red Solid Plenum Fire Alarm Cable, for reliable system connectivity. In summary, Alif Security LLC provided a comprehensive range of solutions, including planning, permitting, installation, and the integration of various fire alarm components to enhance fire safety at Saigon Street Food Restaurant.

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