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Gregry D Hazlett

Fire Alarm Technican

Gregry D Hazlett
Gregry D Hazlett
Gregry D Hazlett
Gregry D Hazlett

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Richmond, TX

April 6, 2024

To meet the specific needs of Starz R Us, we provided the following solutions: 60 Point Addressable Fire Panel: We installed a state-of-the-art 60 point addressable fire panel that offers precise identification of alarm locations, ensuring quick response times in emergencies. This panel serves as the central hub for the fire detection and alarm system. Dact For PFC-6000/P Series: To enhance the system's communication capabilities, we included a Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT) for the PFC-6000 series. This ensures that alarm signals are reliably transmitted to the monitoring service and emergency responders. VERIZON LTE CELLULAR COMMUNICATOR: We integrated a Verizon LTE Cellular Communicator to provide robust and reliable backup communication pathways. This device ensures that the system remains operational even if traditional phone lines fail. Dual-Action Addressable Pull Station: For manual alarm activation, we installed dual-action addressable pull stations throughout the facility. This design requires two actions to activate, reducing the risk of false alarms while ensuring easy accessibility in genuine emergencies. Ceiling Horn Strobes in White: To alert occupants audibly and visually in case of fire, we placed ceiling horn strobes across strategic locations within the center. Their white color blends seamlessly with the interior décor, ensuring safety without compromising aesthetics. Addressable Smoke Detector - White: We installed addressable smoke detectors to provide early warning of fire, enhancing the safety of children and staff. These detectors' white color matches the interior design, maintaining the facility's welcoming environment. Planning and Permitting Assistance: Recognizing the importance of compliance, we assisted Starz R Us in navigating the planning and permitting process, ensuring that all installations met local fire safety codes and regulations. Inspection Services: Post-installation, we conducted a thorough inspection of the fire alarm system. This ensured that every component was correctly installed, functioning as intended, and compliant with safety standards. Wiring Installation: To connect all components of the fire alarm system, we used 16/2 Red Solid Plenum Fire Alarm Cable and 18/2C FPLP SOL Red Shielded Cable. These high-quality cables ensure reliable operation and compliance with fire safety standards. Accessories and Additional Equipment: We provided all necessary accessories and additional equipment to ensure the fire alarm system's comprehensive coverage and functionality. This included mounting hardware, cable connectors, and more. By delivering these tailored solutions, we aimed to equip Starz R Us with a reliable, efficient, and compliant fire alarm system that safeguards the children and staff. This installation not only meets the specific needs of a child care center but also provides a sense of security to all stakeholders involved.

Stafford, TX

March 26, 2024

Alif Security LLC provided a tailored solution to meet the specific needs of Spire Salon Suites, incorporating the following components and services: 10 amp Power Supply: A reliable power source for the fire alarm system, ensuring it remains operational even during power outages, with sufficient capacity to support the entire system’s needs. Selectable Candela Ceiling Horn Strobe, White: This device serves as both an auditory and visual alert mechanism in the event of a fire, with selectable candela settings to meet the specific auditory and visibility requirements of different areas within the premises. Selectable Candela Ceiling Strobe, White: Similar to the horn strobe but without the auditory component, this device provides visual alerts and can be used in areas where noise might be disruptive or in spaces that accommodate individuals with hearing impairments. Installation, Activation, Wiring: Comprehensive installation services were provided, including the setup of all hardware components, wiring to connect and power the devices, and activation of the system to ensure it is fully operational and integrated. This also involves testing the system to confirm that all components function correctly and efficiently. Planning and Permitting: Assistance with the necessary planning and permitting process, ensuring that the fire alarm system installation complies with local building codes, fire safety regulations, and any other relevant standards. This includes the preparation and submission of required documents, plans, and permits to local authorities for approval before installation. By offering these solutions, Alif Security LLC aimed to equip Spire Salon Suites with a robust and compliant fire alarm system that enhances the safety of the property and its occupants. This tailored approach ensures that the commercial space not only meets legal safety standards but also provides peace of mind to the owners and users of the space.

Sugar Land, TX

March 10, 2024

Alif Security LLC proposed a custom solution incorporating various components to create a robust security and access control system tailored to the needs of RCCG Shiloh Mega Parish: PVCPWR / Power Supply & 12 V.DC POWER ADAPTER: These components ensure a reliable power supply for the entire security system, including backup power solutions to keep the system operational in the event of a power outage. VIDEOFIED:XTO-IP630 Extreme Temperature IP/Cell Control Panel: A versatile control panel designed for extreme temperatures, providing IP and cellular capabilities. It forms the heart of the security system, enabling wireless communication and integration with other security devices. 2GIG TS1 KEYPAD & WMB 621 KEYPAD WITH READER: These keypads offer user-friendly interfaces for system control and access management. The inclusion of a reader in the WMB 621 keypad facilitates access control through credentials like cards or key fobs. MOTION DETECTOR & MOTION VIEWER: These devices are essential for detecting unauthorized movement within the premises, with the motion viewer offering visual verification capabilities, enhancing the system's ability to respond to potential threats accurately. MAS-MP / MOUNTING PLATE FOR PULL WITH ABORT STATION: This mounting plate supports the installation of pull stations and abort stations, essential components for manual activation and deactivation of the security system in emergencies. Prox Tag Black- PROXTG-BK: Proximity tags provide a convenient and secure method for authorized individuals to gain access to the premises, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry. INSTALLATION, ACTIVATION & INSTALLATION: Alif Security LLC provided comprehensive services including the installation of all components, system activation, and thorough testing to ensure the security system operates effectively and meets the organization's needs. By providing these tailored solutions, Alif Security LLC aimed to fulfill RCCG Shiloh Mega Parish's requirements for a secure and efficient access control system, ensuring the safety and security of the religious center's premises, members, and assets. This setup not only deters potential security threats but also offers ease of access management and monitoring capabilities.

Cypress, TX

February 15, 2024

To meet Patrick Cochran's needs for The Temple Training Center, Alif Security LLC proposed a detailed plan encompassing a range of products and services, including: Planning and Permitting: Assistance with the initial planning stages, including system design tailored to The Temple Training Center's layout and needs, and handling all necessary permits to ensure compliance with local regulations. Fire Alarm System Components: Ceiling Horn Strobe White & Wall Mount Horn Strobe White: Installation of visible and audible alarm devices to ensure alerts are effectively communicated throughout the space. Addressable Smoke Detector - White: Deployment of advanced smoke detectors for early fire detection, connected to the central fire panel for immediate notification. Mini Monitor Module & 6amp 4 Nac Power Supply: Integration of modules and power supply units to support and enhance the fire alarm system's functionality. Addressable Pull Station Dual Action: Provision of manual alarm activation stations, allowing occupants to alert others to a fire emergency. 12v 7ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery for the Fire Panel: Ensuring the fire alarm system remains operational during power outages. 16/2 Red Solid Plenum Fire Alarm Cable, 1000' & 18/4 White Solid Plenum Fire Alarm Cable, 1000': Supplying the necessary cabling to connect and power the fire alarm components. Fire Alarm Document Box, Red: Installation of a secure, accessible location for storing fire alarm system documentation and manuals. DMP Verizon LTE Cellular With 381-2 Cable for Security & Access Control: Enhancing the security system with cellular backup for reliable communication. REMOTE FIRE ANNUNCIATOR, LCD DISPLAY: Providing a remote display for real-time monitoring and control of the fire alarm system. XF6-100 fire panel: Implementing a central control panel for managing the fire alarm system components and responses. Installation Services: Professional installation of all components, ensuring that they are correctly placed and functioning for optimal coverage and effectiveness. Utilization of Electric Metallic Tube (EMT) Conduit to protect wiring and enhance system durability. Comprehensive Testing and Training: Conducting thorough testing of the installed system to ensure it meets all safety standards and regulations. Training for Patrick Cochran and his team on how to operate the fire alarm system, respond to alarms, and perform basic troubleshooting. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Offering continuous support and maintenance services to ensure the fire alarm system remains in peak condition, including regular inspections, updates, and necessary repairs. Alif Security LLC's proposed solution aims to provide The Temple Training Center with a robust, compliant, and user-friendly fire alarm system that ensures the safety of occupants and the facility.

Rosenberg, TX

January 21, 2024

In response to the customer's needs, we provided a comprehensive fire alarm system solution encompassing the following components and services: System Design and Planning: We began with a thorough evaluation of the Rosenberg Medical Plaza to design an effective fire alarm system layout. This process involved identifying optimal locations for alarm devices and cabling routes. Fire Alarm Components Installation: Ceiling Mount Strobe (Red) and Ceiling Horn Strobe (White): We installed these devices to ensure visible and audible alarms throughout the building. Photoelectric Smoke Detectors: These were strategically placed for early detection of smoke, a crucial element in medical facilities. Addressable Dual Action Pull Stations: Easy-to-access pull stations were installed for manual activation of the fire alarm in emergencies. 60 Point Addressable Fire Panel: This central unit controls and monitors the fire alarm system, ensuring prompt response in case of an incident. Fire Alarm Cabling: We utilized 18/2 solid plenum fire cable (gray) and 16/2 red solid plenum fire alarm cable to establish a reliable and safe network for signal transmission. 32 Character LCD Remote Annunciator: This device was installed to facilitate easy monitoring and control of the fire alarm system from a remote location within the building. Planning and Permitting: We managed all necessary planning and permitting procedures to guarantee that the system's installation complied with local fire safety codes and regulations. Final Inspection and System Commissioning: After completing the installation, we conducted a detailed inspection to ensure all components were functioning correctly. We then commissioned the system, making it fully operational. Customer Training and Documentation: We provided Ahmad Umer and the relevant staff at Rosenberg Medical Plaza with comprehensive training on the system’s operation, maintenance, and emergency protocols. Additionally, all necessary documentation was handed over for their records. With the installation of this advanced fire alarm system, Rosenberg Medical Plaza has significantly upgraded its safety infrastructure, ensuring a safer environment for both patients and staff.

Houston, TX

January 3, 2024

Upon understanding the customer's requirements, we provided a suite of advanced security solutions tailored to their commercial space. We installed Commercial Surface Mount Door/Window Contacts for intrusion detection. Our team professionally handled all aspects of Installation, Activation, and Wiring, ensuring a neat and efficient setup. We used CAT 6 Riser Cable for reliable data transmission. Bosch Motion Sensors were strategically placed for enhanced access control. We equipped the space with a DMP Access Control Module, giving the client a choice between OSDP or WIEGAND protocols. The heart of the system was the DMP 142 Zones Access Control & Security Panel, offering extensive coverage and control. User interaction was made intuitive with a Wireless Graphic Touchscreen featuring a proximity reader. For audible alerts, we installed a DMP Wireless Siren, compatible with various panel series. Connectivity was ensured through an AT&T LTE Cellular Communicator. For physical access, we provided ProxKey II Access Devices. Additional security measures included both Indoor/Outdoor Fixed Dome and Bullet Cameras with high-resolution capabilities, an 8-channel NVR for video recording, and a W Box 22'' Full HD monitor for surveillance feed monitoring. Each element was selected and installed to provide an integrated, comprehensive security system for the client's commercial space.

Porter, TX

December 18, 2023

Alif Security LLC provided a tailored solution that included a variety of components and services for the Fire Alarm and Guardian system. This solution encompassed the supply and installation of key fire alarm components such as a 12v 7ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery for the fire panel, Selectable Candela Wall Mount Horn Strobes, a 160 Char LCD Remote Annunciator, Micro Input Modules, Heat Detectors, Low Frequency Sounders, Surge Protective Devices, Addressable Pull Stations, and the necessary fire cables. Additionally, we offered planning and permitting services for the fire alarm system to ensure compliance with local fire safety regulations. For the kitchen area, we included the Guardian Suppression System specifically designed for electric ovens with microwaves, integrating it with the fire alarm system for enhanced safety. This comprehensive approach was aimed at meeting the customer's specific requirements for their commercial building's fire safety needs.

Richmond, TX

December 4, 2023

In response to the customer's request, Alif Security LLC provided tailored solutions centered around the installation and integration of a Guardian security system. This encompassed a holistic approach to security, including surveillance features, alarm systems, and crucially, the incorporation of a "pull station" for manual activation in emergency scenarios. The installation process likely involved strategic placement of security components to ensure comprehensive coverage throughout Agape ACS Residential Care Home, LLC. The solutions offered by Alif Security LLC aimed at delivering a robust security infrastructure that not only addressed general security concerns but also prioritized the safety and well-being of occupants through the Guardian system's emergency response capabilities.

Stafford, TX

November 25, 2023

Alif Security LLC provided a tailored set of solutions that covered both fire and burglar alarm systems. The offered services included the supply and installation of a variety of components such as 10 amp Power Supply, 127 Point Addressable Fire Releasing PA, 12v 7ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery for the Fire Panel, 32 Character LCD Remote Annunciator, 6'' Addressable Detector Base, Addressable Pull Station Dual Action, Digital Alarm Communicator/Dialer, Fire Alarm Drawing Box in Red, Heat Detector with Fixed Temperature, Photoelectric Smoke Detector, Selectable Candela Ceiling Horn Strobe in White, Selectable Candela Ceiling Strobe in White, Surge Protective Device with Lockout Kit, and a UNIVERSAL LTE FIRE ALARM COMMUNICATOR. These solutions were aimed at not only meeting the immediate security needs of SLT Machine Works but also ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards. Alif Security LLC likely provided a comprehensive approach, combining the installation of cutting-edge security devices with strategic planning to create a robust and effective security system for SLT Machine Works' commercial building.

Houston, TX

November 7, 2023

Alif Security LLC delivered a range of solutions to enhance the security and safety of East West International. These solutions encompassed the installation of a Burglar Alarm/Access Control/CC Camera system, which included components like panic buttons, wireless transmitters, and AI-based video verification recorders. This comprehensive system ensured not only the physical security of the building but also effective surveillance capabilities. Furthermore, Alif Security LLC conducted a fire alarm annual inspection, focusing on the maintenance and verification of the existing fire alarm system's functionality. They integrated components such as NAPCO StarLink Fire, 2 Wire Smoke detectors, and audio detectors, ensuring the utmost safety in the event of a fire. By offering these services, Alif Security LLC provided the customer with a holistic security and safety solution tailored to the unique needs of East West International.

Houston, TX

September 21, 2023

In response to the customer's need for a fire alarm system, Alif Security LLC delivered a range of tailored solutions to safeguard Alegria Gardens Reception Hall: A 12v 7ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery for the Fire Panel was supplied to ensure continuous power supply, even during electrical outages. A 1 Zone 25 Watt Voice Evacuation Panel with Microphone was installed to provide clear and effective voice communication during emergencies. Strobe Multi Candela Ceiling Mount White strobes were strategically placed to offer visual alerts in case of fire incidents. The installation included a 6'' Addressable Detector Base to connect and monitor addressable fire detectors throughout the facility.A sophisticated 127 Point Addressable Fire, Releasing PA system was implemented to monitor a multitude of critical points and facilitate timely responses in case of fire emergencies. Weather-proof Speaker/Strobe Wall White devices were utilized to ensure alerts could be heard and seen, even in challenging weather conditions. Photoelectric Smoke Detectors were integrated for early detection of smoke and fire hazards. High-quality 18/4 White Solid Plenum Fire Alarm Cable was used for wiring, ensuring reliability and compliance with safety codes. A 32 Character LCD Remote Annunciator was provided to enable easy monitoring and control of the fire alarm system. Ceiling Selectable Strobe Speaker White devices were installed for comprehensive coverage of visual and audible alerts. Heat Detectors - Fixed Temperature were employed to detect rapid temperature increases and trigger alarms. A Fire Alarm Drawing Box, Red was installed to house essential documentation and plans related to the fire alarm system. To safeguard against power surges, a Surge Protective Device with Lockout Kit was incorporated. An Addressable Pull Station Dual Action was installed to allow manual fire alarm activation when necessary. Further wiring was facilitated through the use of 16/2 Red Solid Plenum Fire Alarm Cable. Alif Security LLC also handled the important aspects of Planning and Permitting to ensure that the fire alarm system complied with all relevant regulations and standards. These comprehensive solutions were meticulously tailored to meet the specific fire safety requirements of Alegria Gardens Reception Hall, offering peace of mind to the customer and ensuring the safety of all occupants within the facility.

Houston, TX

September 13, 2023

In response to the customer's request, Alif Security LLC offered a comprehensive suite of solutions. Firstly, we expertly installed a customized fire alarm system, strategically placing it to provide optimal coverage and functionality. Secondly, we meticulously handled the planning and permitting aspects, considering the unique layout and local regulations to ensure full compliance. Lastly, our commitment to safety extended to conducting thorough inspections of the newly installed system, assuring the customer that it met all safety standards and could effectively protect the property and its occupants. In summary, Alif Security LLC delivered a holistic solution that covered fire alarm system installation, planning, permitting, and inspection, ultimately enhancing safety and security for A - Z Kidz LLC's commercial establishment.

Silsbee, TX

August 20, 2023

In response to the customer's need for a fire alarm system in their commercial building, Alif Security LLC offered a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to ensure robust fire detection and response capabilities. The provided solutions encompassed a DMP Fire Panel Package as the core of the system, along with a remote fire annunciator featuring an LCD display for centralized monitoring. The installation included a 10amp 4-output NAC Power Extender to provide ample power to notification devices. The system incorporated advanced components such as 12V LX-BUS smoke detectors, an 850S pull station with a 711 module, selectable candela ceiling horn strobes, and white strobes for visual alerting. Additional features comprised flow switch tie-ins for fire sprinkler systems and tamper switch tie-ins for system security. Alif Security LLC also extended planning and permitting services to ensure compliance with regulations and codes during installation. The holistic solution underscored the company's commitment to delivering comprehensive fire safety measures for the customer's commercial premises.

Katy, TX

July 20, 2023

Alif Security's skilled technicians promptly took necessary steps to address her requirements. They provided a range of essential accessories for the fire alarm system installation, including indoor wall-mount strobes in white, 6'' addressable detector bases, photoelectric smoke detectors, 18/4 white solid plenum fire alarm cables (1000'), speaker strobes for white ceilings, an 8 amp power supply, surge protective devices with lockout kits, addressable pull stations with dual-action capability, and 16/2 red solid plenum fire alarm cables (1000'). With these components, the technicians meticulously executed the installation, ensuring a reliable and effective fire alarm system. Moreover, Alif Security's team assisted the customer with the planning and permitting process, ensuring that all regulatory requirements were met, and the fire alarm system complied with safety standards. Through their expertise and use of quality equipment, Alif Security LLC successfully provided the customer with a comprehensive fire alarm solution tailored to her commercial building's needs.

Katy, TX

July 15, 2023

Alif Security team provided a comprehensive fire alarm system solution for the customer's commercial building. Our solutions included the professional installation and integration of various essential components to ensure the utmost safety and protection for the building's occupants and assets. Here are the solutions we provided: We installed Addressable Heat Detectors to replace H350, 135 Deg in critical areas with high fire risk or where traditional smoke detectors might not be suitable. These detectors can quickly detect elevated temperatures or rapid changes, alerting the fire alarm system. Addressable Smoke Detectors - White were placed strategically throughout the building to offer early detection of smoke and communicate the presence of a fire to the central fire alarm control panel. Dual-Action Addressable Pull Stations were positioned at easily accessible locations to empower building occupants to manually activate the fire alarm in case of an emergency. We integrated the Control Relay Module f/ Ms9200 Replaces to allow the fire alarm system to interface with other building systems, enabling coordinated emergency responses and enhancing overall safety measures. Ceiling Strobes were installed to provide visual alerts during a fire incident. These strobes emit bright flashing lights to notify occupants in noisy environments or those with hearing impairments. Speaker Strobe White Ceiling devices were strategically placed to offer both audible alarms and flashing strobe lights. These devices enable the broadcast of evacuation instructions and emergency messages, guiding occupants to safety. The 160 Char LCD Remote Annunciator in a Red Enclosure was positioned at a central location for easy access. This remote annunciator allows building staff or responders to view fire alarm events and control certain functions remotely. We added Surge Protective Devices with Lockout Kits to safeguard the fire alarm system from voltage surges, ensuring its reliability and protection from electrical disturbances. A 1 Zone 25 Watt Voice Evacuation Panel with Microphone was installed to provide clear and effective broadcast of evacuation instructions during fire emergencies, assisting in the orderly evacuation of occupants. Ceiling Horn Strobes in white were strategically positioned to provide additional audible and visual alarms throughout the building, enhancing the fire alarm system's notification capabilities. To ensure continuous operation, we installed a 12v 7ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery for the Fire Panel as a backup power source for the fire alarm control panel. We used 18/4 White Solid Plenum Fire Alarm Cable, 1000' and 16/2 Red Solid Plenum Fire Alarm Cable, 1000' to meticulously interconnect all fire alarm system components, ensuring reliable communication and data transfer within the system. By providing and integrating these solutions, we equipped the customer's commercial building with a state-of-the-art fire alarm system, prioritizing early detection, efficient evacuation, and coordinated emergency response, thereby enhancing the overall fire safety of the premises.

Spring, TX

June 9, 2023

We provided the following solutions to address the customer's fire alarming system needs: Installation of a 12V 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery for the Fire Panel: This battery ensures that the fire panel remains operational even during power outages, allowing it to continue functioning and providing early detection and alert capabilities. Integration of 2-Wire Smoke Detectors with Plug-In Base: These smoke detectors are connected to the fire panel and provide reliable detection of smoke particles in the event of a fire. The plug-in base facilitates easy installation and maintenance. Implementation of an 8 Amp Power Supply: The power supply ensures a stable and continuous power source for the fire alarming system, enabling it to function effectively. Installation of Ceiling Strobes: These visual devices are mounted on the ceiling and emit bright, flashing lights when the fire alarm is triggered. They provide a clear and visible alert to occupants, guiding them to evacuate the premises. Deployment of Indoor Wall-Mount Strobes (White): Similar to the ceiling strobes, these wall-mounted strobes emit bright, flashing lights to alert individuals in areas where ceiling mounting may not be feasible. Inclusion of Surge Protective Devices with Lockout Kit: These devices protect the fire alarming system from power surges and electrical disturbances, ensuring its reliability and longevity. The lockout kit helps prevent unauthorized tampering or disabling of the system. Integration of Wall Mount Horn Strobe (White): This device combines a loud horn and a strobe light, providing both audible and visual alerts to occupants during fire emergencies. By providing and installing these equipment and devices, Alif Security ensured that the customer's commercial building had a comprehensive fire alarming system in place, capable of timely detection, alerting occupants, and enhancing overall fire safety measures.

Houston, TX

April 28, 2023

At Alif Security LLC, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive fire safety solutions to our clients. For H Lashes, we installed state-of-the-art fire alarm monitoring services, ensuring real-time detection and 24/7 monitoring of any potential fire hazards. Additionally, our team of experts closely monitored the fire alarm system and provided ongoing repair and servicing services to H Lashes to ensure that their system remained in optimal condition. Our team replaced critical parts, including Sealed Lead Acid Batteries for the Fire Panel and Cables for Security & Access Control, to ensure that the fire alarm system was functioning properly. Our commitment to providing top-tier fire safety solutions for our clients, including H Lashes, underscores our dedication to their safety and security.