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Darian J Leadon

Fire Alarm Technican

Darian J Leadon
Darian J Leadon
Darian J Leadon
Darian J Leadon

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Stafford, TX

February 3, 2024

To address their needs, we provided a multi-faceted solution that encompassed installation, activation, and proper wiring of an advanced fire alarm system, incorporating a selection of high-quality components and services designed for optimal safety and compliance with local regulations. Here are the solutions we provided: Custom System Design and Planning: We started with a thorough planning and permitting process to ensure the design of the fire alarm system met the specific needs of the Pediatric Build-out space while complying with local fire codes and regulations. Installation and Activation: XTLTOUCH-LV and 1135-W Installation: We installed the XTLTOUCH-LV control panel along with 1135-W surface contacts for doors and windows, ensuring secure and reliable monitoring. Wireless Components Integration: The UNIVERSAL WIRELESS TRANSMITTER was integrated to facilitate seamless connection with various wireless components, including the DMP Wireless Motion Detector for enhanced motion detection capabilities. PANIC BUTTON 1 BUTTON Activation: We provided a panic button for emergency situations, allowing for immediate alerts to be sent out. Ceiling Mount Strobe Red and Selectable Candela Wall Mount Horn Strobe, White Installation: These visual and audible alert systems were installed to ensure alerts are both seen and heard throughout the space. 32 Character LCD Remote Annunciator and Addressable Pull Station Dual Action: We installed these components for easy system control and manual alarm activation if needed. Smoke Detection: A Photoelectric Smoke Detector with a 6'' Addressable Detector Base was installed for early smoke detection. Wiring and Infrastructure: We utilized 18/2 Solid Plenum Fire Cable (Gray) and 16/2 Red Solid Plenum Fire Alarm Cable, ensuring all wiring met fire safety standards and was suitable for the building's infrastructure. Advanced Communication and Monitoring: VERIZON LTE CELLULAR COMMUNICATOR Installation: This component was integrated for reliable communication with monitoring services, ensuring that alerts could be sent out even if traditional communication lines were down. 60 Point Addressable Fire Panel: This panel was installed as the central unit to monitor and control all connected devices, providing comprehensive coverage and control over the fire alarm system. Accessories and Add-ons: We also provided additional accessories required for the full functionality of the system, ensuring every aspect of the fire safety needs was addressed. Through these solutions, we aimed to equip the Pediatric Build-out commercial space with a state-of-the-art fire alarm system that not only provides immediate alerts and comprehensive coverage but also ensures ease of use and compliance with all relevant safety standards. Our goal was to provide peace of mind to the client, knowing their space is protected by a reliable and efficient fire safety solution.

Conroe, TX

October 17, 2023

In response to the customer's request for CCTV installation, Alif Security LLC delivered a comprehensive solution tailored to meet their needs. This solution included the provision of 4MP IP cameras with infrared capabilities, professional installation of these cameras, activation, and meticulous wiring to ensure a secure and aesthetic setup. Additionally, a PC monitor was provided for convenient live monitoring and playback of recorded footage. The core of the solution comprised a 16-channel Network Video Recorder (NVR) with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and a substantial 4TB hard disk drive (HDD) for video storage. To maintain high-speed data transmission, CAT 6 riser cables were employed. These combined measures resulted in a robust surveillance system that effectively addressed the customer's security concerns and provided them with the peace of mind they were seeking for their property.

Houston, TX

September 30, 2023

Alif Security LLC offered a range of solutions to address the customer's need for a Fire Alarm System at Saigon Street Food Restaurant. These solutions included initial planning and permitting to ensure compliance with local regulations. The installation process involved the use of various components, such as addressable smoke detectors, indoor wall-mount strobes, ceiling horn strobes, and A/C duct detector tie-ins, all of which are critical for early fire detection, alerting occupants, and guiding them to safety. To support the system's functionality, a 6amp 4 Nac Power Supply was provided for reliable power distribution. Additionally, a Fire-Lite Relay Module was likely integrated for efficient system control. Alif Security LLC also considered the restaurant's safety holistically by offering a Hood Ansul System tie-in, covering all relevant areas. To further enhance safety, they supplied a 5LBS HI-SA-40-ABC fire extinguisher and the necessary fire cables, including the 18/2 Solid Plenum Fire Cable and the 16/2 Red Solid Plenum Fire Alarm Cable, for reliable system connectivity. In summary, Alif Security LLC provided a comprehensive range of solutions, including planning, permitting, installation, and the integration of various fire alarm components to enhance fire safety at Saigon Street Food Restaurant.

Houston, TX

September 13, 2023

In response to the customer's request, Alif Security LLC offered a comprehensive suite of solutions. Firstly, we expertly installed a customized fire alarm system, strategically placing it to provide optimal coverage and functionality. Secondly, we meticulously handled the planning and permitting aspects, considering the unique layout and local regulations to ensure full compliance. Lastly, our commitment to safety extended to conducting thorough inspections of the newly installed system, assuring the customer that it met all safety standards and could effectively protect the property and its occupants. In summary, Alif Security LLC delivered a holistic solution that covered fire alarm system installation, planning, permitting, and inspection, ultimately enhancing safety and security for A - Z Kidz LLC's commercial establishment.

Houston, TX

September 5, 2023

Alif Security LLC responded to the customer's need by offering a tailored set of solutions designed to meet the specific fire safety requirements of 2 Unique Kids Learning Academy. These solutions encompassed various components, including a 60 Point Addressable Fire Panel for precise event identification, a 32 Character LCD Remote Annunciator for remote monitoring and control, and a range of fire detection devices such as Photoelectric Smoke Detectors and Addressable Heat Detectors. Additionally, they supplied notification devices in the form of Ceiling Horn Strobes, both white and red, for clear and effective alerting during emergencies. To ensure proper connectivity and wiring, they provided fire alarm cables, such as 18/2C FPLP SOL RED 1M REEL and 16/2 Red Solid Plenum Fire Alarm Cable. Alif Security LLC also played a vital role in the planning and permitting process, ensuring compliance with local fire safety regulations. In sum, the solutions provided by Alif Security LLC constituted a comprehensive and integrated fire alarm system to safeguard the occupants and assets of 2 Unique Kids Learning Academy from the risks associated with fire emergencies.

Katy, TX

July 20, 2023

Alif Security's skilled technicians promptly took necessary steps to address her requirements. They provided a range of essential accessories for the fire alarm system installation, including indoor wall-mount strobes in white, 6'' addressable detector bases, photoelectric smoke detectors, 18/4 white solid plenum fire alarm cables (1000'), speaker strobes for white ceilings, an 8 amp power supply, surge protective devices with lockout kits, addressable pull stations with dual-action capability, and 16/2 red solid plenum fire alarm cables (1000'). With these components, the technicians meticulously executed the installation, ensuring a reliable and effective fire alarm system. Moreover, Alif Security's team assisted the customer with the planning and permitting process, ensuring that all regulatory requirements were met, and the fire alarm system complied with safety standards. Through their expertise and use of quality equipment, Alif Security LLC successfully provided the customer with a comprehensive fire alarm solution tailored to her commercial building's needs.